2015 Grand Champion Motorama 2015 !!

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Congratulation’s to Grand Champion 2015 Eric Boily’s 71 El Camino …

Car look fantastic last week at Motorama 2015 and came up with Big Win March 15.

Boot Hill Auto contributed a lot to the Winning El Camino:

Fabrication: Custom Dash, Center Console.

Custom Audio : Design and Build all the custom Audio and enclosure’s for the car .

Custom Rear panel to match the Double bump intake of the engine straight from pick up unwanted cars shop.

Interior : We Won Best Interior in the show 

Custom built doors kick panels leather wrapped centre console , Custom Carpets, Seat Belts everything looked fantastic.

Because your driving conditions are as unique as you are, it is important to inspect all filters every service and replace as required, not just at set intervals. From transmission servicing, basic settings and adaptations through to gearbox overhauls, in case the transmission doesn’t work and you can’t move the car, and if you’re in Hamilton, try this towing company to help with this situation.

IMG_9033 IMG_9032 IMG_9026 IMG_4055


Spring has Sprung “Backwards ”

April 15 and yes we have snow on the ground . Summer will get here when she is ready. More time to fine tune those cars .

Here are a couple of car video’s from last years Car show supporting ARC in Erin . I hope they help warm you up .


Cold and Snowy !!

Yes it is another Snow day for the kids up here in Erin. Things are heating up inside the shop with some very cool project’s .

The super charged TR6 get’s the windshield installed . ( Little something to deflect the bugs and 120 mph! )

In the meantime I’m using a rental car. I found a really good place that gave me a good sort of long term deal. They were very nice and the selection was actually much better than expected. It’s interesting, it somehow gave me a bit of a new perspective. We usually work with cars and try to make them look or run better. The thing is, I’m driving a rental I would not have ever considered buying or driving, and it’s so comfortable. A very smooth ride, very easy to drive, it smell good thanks  to this aromatherapy diffuser for your car


Those are things we don’t really take into account when we’re working, and perhaps we should. There might be some extra work I’ll do to my car once I’m done with this task. And I’m thinking we might reconsider our approach as well as offer some other comfort driven modifications in the future. We’ll see, we have been working on the modification of Import cars from Japan, we just need to remember that right now, we’re in the sweet spot for Japanese cars. And we should all enjoy that as long as we can, Japanese used cars are known for their durability and reliability, so buyers do not have to worry about the vehicle maintenance, I think that’s a great deal.

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1976 F250 pick up Truck that is getting a make over ! IMG_2059 IMG_2115 IMG_2615 IMG_2619