Super Charged TR6 Really ??

Super Charged TR6 Really!!

What is that you say ??? Yes we are building a very cool project for customer. A 1976 Triumph TR6 .
Going with the Ferrari Red  “Rosso Chiaro” (BASF # 20R190 ) paint Scheme this little red Rocket is going to Fly.

Full frame off restoration “Boot Hill Style ” includes all upgraded suspension components brakes and brake lines , fuel lines, and others. Later the car could be sold in different dealerships as 2nd chance auto finance online. Engine back from rebuilder will be matched up with a Supper Charger that will boost the Stock horsepower another 50 % yes I said 50% .
Lots of giddy up right out of the hole !!

Not everyone is a fan of the TR6 but ounce you see this baby on the road you may change your mind.

The TR6 is adored by British sports car fans as the last of the traditional hairy-chested English roadsters, so if you own a car like this finding the right brake pads is important to make it look the way you want. Premium gas is mandatory to ride this powerful vehicle, we always work with fleet fuel cards for both local and long term rides. While it’s possible to argue with the precise wording of that statement, the TR6 was certainly antique in many ways when it was introduced in late 1968. A narrow cockpit, separate body and chassis and a bouncy ride courtesy of its rather crude independent rear suspension made it seem in many ways to be little advanced from the TR4 of 1962 or even the TR2 of 1953, the great thing about owning this car is that you can get a longmont auto repair whenever you want.
IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1856IMG_1861

Custom Car Audio ” Boot Hill Style”


Boot Hill Ex cell’s in Car Audio! You just have to have good tunes in a cool ride!!

IMG_0924 IMG_0928

Boot Hill Auto is known for being one of North America’s top Custom car builders. We are also are turning heads with our Custom car Audio and video Design. Dash Fabrication Automation. If you can dream it we can fabricate it and make it look and sound amazing, while you also make a great performance with the best fuel transfer pumps reviews you can find online.

Check out some of our Custom Car and Moto Audio work under our Service’s Section of our Web Site

Our audio services include sales of most major brands, standard and custom installation, wiring, upgrades and modifications, custom fabrication and alterations and more with the help of Our audio department can handle any form of car, bike, boat and motor home installation.




Haulin the Hauler to Goodguys in Indianapolis !

Ron is haulin the Hauler to Goodguys in Indianapolis this weekend . We wish Ron all the best in Indy this weekend . Here is a quick video Clip of the Hauler being loaded up for the Trip. Don’t forget to call Kevin to order up any parts for those winter projects…

Haulin the Hauler off to Indy

Goodguys 3rd Speedway Nationals
September 20-22, 2013
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
4790 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222

Event Contact Information:
Goodguys Office Phone: (925) 838-9876
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Phone: (317) 492-8500
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Website
Click Here For A Facility Map (PDF)

Event Hours:
Friday, September 20 – 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday, September 21 – 8:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday, September 22 – 8:00am to 3:00pm


Weather was perfect for annual 2013 Charity Car Show

You could not have asked for a better day for a Car Show. I would like to thank everyone that was involve and came out to enjoy the day in support of East Wellington Community Living . As always it was great to see Celebrities  Michael “Pinball” Clemons and NHL Hall of Fame’r Paul Coffey for there support. All 4 Bands were amazing and sounded fantastic. Even the resurrected  Elvis looked great . Here are just a few great pictures of the day.


The line up of exclusive Boot Hill Auto builds all in a row !!!DSCN3357

Busy on the walk way !!


Lots of Media and excitement with Paul Coffey and production crew.


DSCN3359Elvis was looking great after being “resurrected” for the afternoon entertainment…..


Hitz FM rock search “Pepper the Crow ” rocked out to open the show..


DSCN3341The Most awarded truck of 2013  (Boot Hill Auto Built) “56 Hauler ” showing off just a few of it’s great accomplishments . Its great to have the Hauler shown home at it’s Birthday place …




1959 Porsche Meissen Blue 356

I have never been a big Porsche fan however ever since we got the 1959 356 convertible in the Shop I have to say these cars are very cool since I have always liked luxury cars, and even services like limo rental, that you can find at sites like that are great for this. After stripping the Car down to bare metal we have totally restored and rebuilt the body to it’s natural beauty .  Lots planishing hammer work , Pullmax , hammer dolly shrinking stretching it came out amazing.

Started out like this and ended up like…. see below .


IMG_8434IMG_8438 IMG_9610IMG_9604IMG_9600

I think we should just clear coat it ?

But the Meissen blue will make it look as it should .