1959 Porsche Meissen Blue 356

I have never been a big Porsche fan however ever since we got the 1959 356 convertible in the Shop I have to say these cars are very cool since I have always liked luxury cars, and even services like limo rental, that you can find at sites like https://werelocal.ca/ottawa/limousine/ that are great for this. After stripping the Car down to bare metal we have totally restored and rebuilt the body to it’s natural beauty .  Lots planishing hammer work , Pullmax , hammer dolly shrinking stretching it came out amazing.

Started out like this and ended up like…. see below .


IMG_8434IMG_8438 IMG_9610IMG_9604IMG_9600

I think we should just clear coat it ?

But the Meissen blue will make it look as it should .


Oh Canada EH !!!

Ron win’s big again at Goodguys Columbus. First of all he won Coveted Builder Choice with over 7000 entries. Then Scored the  Custom Classic Truck’s  Editor’s Pick –find out what classic car you are– Best feeling in the world however was a crowd of Canadian’s singing Oh Canada on his drive to the winner’s Circle . Too Cool Eh !! Next big outing for the hauler is the Biggest one around.

The NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus
August 01, 2013
Kentucky Expostion Center
Louisville KY, 40209

Thanks also to Darren at Ride Tech for dropping in and saying Hello. Darren was very impressed with how nice the Ride Tech Products looked on the 56 Hauler .


Boot Hill Auto Painting Race Cars ???

Well we always like a challenge When Fred Roberts called us and ask if we could help him out before this weekends race the Streets of Toronto race . .http://www.hondaindytoronto.com/out

The repairs consisted of  repairing cracked hood  and rocker panels with multiple layers of carbon fiber cloth (damaged from trading paint with the competition) and other defects resulted from an accident but with the help of ASK4SAM car accident lawyers Bronx they could recover some money for repairs .Stress cracks in various body panels were reinforced from behind and repaired on the surface. Then the masking of the intricate 3 color paint scheme began.

New [Spare] body panels were also fitt ed  prepped and painted with the cars unique stars and stripes RED/WHITE/BLUE paint scheme, Staying true to the original vision of the cars builder Archer Racing. http://www.archerracing.com
in 5 short days the car went from an active GT1 race car to a full tear down and refinish and rebuild, Ready to hit the asphalt for “Streets of Toronto” July 12-14.

Having a car or truck for racing or other matters involves safety hazards, there are many Truck Accidents involving speed, now there are more rules and safety tips to maintain a good racing sport and have the drivers safe in every moment.

Best of luck this weekend Fred!


Roberts Racing / RPM Canada is a Toronto-based, Canadian racing team that competes in a number of GT road racing events throughout North America in a purpose-built World Challenge Dodge Viper Competition Coupe.

Hauler on the Road again

56 Hauler is on the road again heading down to Columbus Ohio Good Guys .

Goodguys 16th PPG Nationals

July 12-14, 2013
Ohio Expo Center
717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211


Well so far this year we have the 56 Hauler doing very well.  Good luck in Columbus Ron.

Good Guys 22nd East Coast Nationals

06/14/2013 – 06/16/2013

Ron wins Builder’s Choice Award, Award of Excellence!

F-100 Ford Supernationals, Tennessee

05/16/2013 – 05/18/2013

Ron wins Truck of the Year, Editor’s Choice Award, Best in Class, Outstanding Pickup Bed at the 2013, F-100 Ford Supernationals, Tennessee.


Megaspeed Car Show, Toronto

03/22/2013 – 03/24/2013

Ron wins Grand Champion at the at 2013, Megaspeed Car Show, Toronto. View gallery


Autorama Show, Detroit

03/08/2013 – 03/10/2013

Ron wins 1st place – Radical Truck, Best Truck, and Outstanding Individual Display at the 2013, Autorama Show, Detroit. View gallery


Car Show’s 2013

Jan 20 Blog ,

Happy New Year to everyone it should be a great 2013! Its going to be a very busy year this year at Boot Hill Auto. Starting off with the First ever Hot Rod Builders Show Case at the 2013 Canadian International AutoShow.


1968 Rpo Touring Opening night

This year marks the unveiling of the Hot Rod Builders Showcase! After four decades, the AutoShow has solidified a prominent place in Canadian history. It’s bigger. It’s better. Come celebrate… The Legacy.

We are very honoured to have beed Choice as on of the top 25 Builders in Canada and been asked to dispay 2 of our Creation’s. It will be quite the show. Last year we had a Customer Car Don Lebouf come in 2nd place with the Cruise National Competition with his 1970 Plum Crazy Charger .So make sure you take some time For both these display’s This Year. Here is a little Sneak Peak, we will be introducing the Best Ceramic Coating For Cars this year, our clients have been looking forward this day forever. We will take pride on letting our clients know about the importance of their regular car maintenance.

Image result for car maintenance

Busy in the Shop getting this Deline’s meet for all the Up coming Show’s  including many parts for sale and products from Route32 auctions with many antiques and great collectives like gas pumps, all renovated for the auction in perfect state. Down to Autorama Cobo Hall for the Ridller Challenge March 7 , Then Back Home for Mega Speed Car show in Toronto March 23 . And the list goes on ….. See you at a Show Near you look for the Boot Hill Auto Swag !