1959 Porsche Meissen Blue 356

I have never been a big Porsche fan however ever since we got the 1959 356 convertible in the Shop I have to say these cars are very cool since I have always liked luxury cars, and even services like Melbourne Limousine Hire, that you can find at sites like https://werelocal.ca/ottawa/limousine/ that are great for this. After stripping the Car down to bare metal we have totally restored and rebuilt the body to it’s natural beauty .  Lots planishing hammer work , Pullmax , hammer dolly shrinking stretching it came out amazing.

Because it’s cheaper to replace window tinting parts or a worn engine than to purchase another vehicle the staff will start with the diagnostics of your car. This is so we can give a fair estimate, as things like auto glass repair have a wide range of variation. The mechanics are equipped to handle problems with your gearbox, complete a transmission oil flush, fluid converters repair, and more and is when services like smash repairs Templestowe can help make your car looking great again.

Ferdinand Porsche founded the company called “Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH” in 1931, with main offices at Kronenstraße 24 in the centre of Stuttgart. Initially, the company offered motor vehicle development work and consulting, but did not build any cars under its own name. One of the first assignments the new company received was from the German government to design a car for the people, that is a “Volkswagen”.This resulted in the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful car designs of all time, which are sold in different dealerships you can find online in this site here.The Porsche 64 was developed in 1939 using many components from the Beetle.

Started out like this and ended up like…. see below where did I found the diesel parts supplier for this overhauling.

IMG_8434IMG_8438 IMG_9610IMG_9604IMG_9600

I think we should just clear coat it ?

But the Meissen blue will make it look as it should .

Commercial vehicles for your business are a need!

A small business will go to great lengths to save money. Some ambitious entrepreneurs will sell their car and ride a bike to work. In sunny locales, a few have gone the Vespa route and visit the gas station once every few weeks, while other need more power for hard work and decide to use quads, and use quad bike finance bad credit to purchase one.

For a company that relies on cars for delivery or sales routes, thinking carefully about which vehicle they purchase is critical, as well as thinking about which trucking dispatch software to use. In a few cases, a start-up can create name recognition by driving branded cars that stand out in a crowd, even if the vehicle is mostly for commuting to work and back or use it for purposes as Uber, although now a days you can save money with cheap uber insurance online.

In the end, the type of vehicles you acquire will all the depend on the type of business you will be running. There will be other fine details based on the type of vehicles that will need to be considered as well, like Overweight Permits in order to be able to use these vehicles lawfully for example. If you are looking to shuttle people around, then perhaps Mobility Vans For Sale or used cars for sale are what you might want to look online for. You can look at this site to get started. Vehicles can be versatile, but most often you will get much more use and potential out of vehicles designed for specific purposes. You can also easily find type 2 vw bus parts available if the vehicles you end up getting are of this type as well. If these vehicles will be carrying people for a company, then chances are they will be rolling just about everyday. Make sure you have easy access to parts in order to keep them up and running.

To keep your EGR system functioning properly, have a professional fuel system cleaning done every 30K miles. This will keep carbon buildup, the EGR systems greatest enemy, at bay. Attend to any check engine lights immediately.

Some companies provide trucking solutions, and as such need trucks or heavy vehicles to transport whatever cargo a client will request. As such, you will need drivers that have had the Class A CDL Training Classes required by law, as well as the proper license. This will ensure your drivers are well trained for operating said heavy vehicles.

Maintaining operating costs low should be a priority as well. You might think it can be difficult to maintain more heavy duty vehicles and decide against it. However, you should be able to find Commercial Truck Parts for Sale with ease as long as you look carefully. You should also consider having a regular commercial truck repair and diesel engine repair for your trucks. Finding the right provider will make regular maintenance a non-issue. Don’t forget that your drivers will be sitting at the driver’s seat for extended periods of time, so you should find a good partner like ISRI seats that can provide comfortable and durable seats. Versatility should be a determining factor, because they have to be able to keep the driver comfortable for long hours while also withstanding the extended use. Quick and easy replacement is a must as well.

You can install an aluminum storage box for trailer for extra storage space on these vehicles. If what you are looking to transport is much larger or in large quantities, then you might want to look at dump trailer or utility trailer sales and purchase a few. Depending on what you are transporting and how fragile they are, a utility trailer could be the way the to go for you. There’s no shame in starting out small when it comes to building your fleet. It is generally understood to be a considerable risk and investment, after all.

It is of course very important that the vehicles are insured, that way if any where to be involved in an accident it wouldn’t take as much work to get it back up and running, and making money for you as well. Places like bear river insurance can take into account the fact that you mean to insure several vehicles at once, and make you an offer accordingly. In most parts of the world it is illegal to drive without insurance, you should therefore be sure to have this matter settled before your vehicles are out and about. With several large vehicles driving routinely on the road, it would be worthwhile to prepare for what you would need to do in case of an accident. You should ask around and do your own research, and get a truck accident lawyer that you can call so you can protect your drivers, your company, and yourself as much as possible. With the assistance of a truck accident lawyer you will be able to secure a more positive outcome, as well as follow due process promptly. Depending on the extent of the accident, good truck accident attorneys could save the entire company from going under, so make sure it’s high on your list of priorities.

You should also be aware of what services you can call if there is any of your commercial vehicles where to break down. Services like the 24 Hour Truck Road Service can help you at any time as their name states, all you need to do is have your drivers give them a call if there is something wrong with their vehicle. Since you will have several vehicles on the road as part of your business, it would be wise to prepare for any possible legal troubles that could arise. You should look for reputable car accident attorneys and find someone that will be willing to help you if a case is to go to court for any reason.

When choosing a car or commercial truck for business, there are a few options available. Find the best trucking company in Kansas City here vsservices.com. Check that—there are hundreds of options! Cars and trucks come in all shapes and sizes—and at many price points. You can go with a large delivery van like the Ford Transit, attract attention with something like the new Kia Soul, or go the more economical route with a staid (but wholly reliable) compact car. If you have chosen Ford vehicles, then you might be in need of Ford License Plate Frames.On the other hand if you really need a vehicle able make long trips one state to another while keeping tons of cargo safe you should check these truck auctions.

Thilo Koslowski, an auto analyst with Gartner, argues that any vehicle for business should be treated as an asset that’s no different from the water cooler in your break room. It’s important to add up the cost of fuel, insurance, and even consider intangibles like resale value.

“It is not the most stylish or practical car that wins, but the one that puts the least financial stress on a business,” says Koslowski. “When determining the financial implications of a fleet, companies or business owner must look beyond the purchase price and define total cost of ownership.”

That said there are several strategies for choosing a delivery or commuter car used for business. Check out on https://www.westernmotorsfresno.com/,  is the top used care dealership from all Fresno dealerships, see the full inventory and even take any vehicle for a test drive. Here are three wildly different approaches small business owners used to select the perfect car.

Boot Hill Auto Painting Race Cars ???

Well we always like a challenge, when Fred Roberts called us and ask if we could help him out before this weekends race the Streets of Toronto race, we still got a little nervous. We’ve ran this auto body repair shop for years, but were we up to the challenge?

When we first got the car, it was pretty banged up, and looked like it was going to need some auto repair work done before it was ready to drive again. They didn’t bring it in on the usual vehicle they used to transport the race, so I asked them about it. The transport vehicle had been hit while on the road, and they had a towing service deliver it elsewhere for collision repair. That had been the reason the car was delivered to us via emergency towing services. The transport vehicle itself was going to be serviced elsewhere. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, or worse. I know the owner, and he has mentioned before how he has very experienced commercial vehicle wreck attorneys on his payroll. He’s always been a better safe than sorry kind of guy, which is why his people knew exactly who to call for towing when the need arose. I’m sure he’ll help his racing team bounce back from this no problem.

With little time to spare, we got to work right away.

According to this auto repair shop the repairs consisted of repairing cracked hood and rocker panels with multiple layers of carbon fiber cloth (damaged from trading paint with the competition). Stress cracks in various body panels were reinforced from behind and repaired. The car wraps or vehicle decals we ordered arrived just in time, right as we were finishing up the detailing on the damage and completing the windshield replacement. We immediately moved on to putting on the vehicle wraps. If you would like to detail your car like that then consider getting our very own custom car wraps.

New spare body panels were also fitted at auto repair shop, prepped and painted with the cars unique stars and stripes RED/WHITE/BLUE paint scheme, staying true to the original vision of the cars builder Archer Racing. Finishing the process with some Car Polymer Paint Sealant, it’s going to withstand what would normally cause mild scratches in the paint of regular cars. As long as he drives safe it should be fine.

In just 5 short days the car went from an active GT1 race car to a full tear down and refinish and rebuild, while all the necessary repairs were done by services like Paintless Dent Repair Parker that are experts at this matter.

Before you start the process of applying a cutting compound, be sure to tape off surrounding areas, especially if you’re applying it with a machine. It can get all over the place, so work smart; wear old clothes or overalls, safety glasses, gloves and cover up anything you don’t want to have to clean afterwards. Rod Mobile Mechanic Orlando will take care of the mechanics of your car, so if your car is ever failing you, make sure you take it to your local mechanic for some assistance. 

Using a clean cloth, apply the compound in a circular motion by hand. Larger areas might be a bit too big to do by yourself, so get an orbital polisher with the appropriate pads. Watch your pressure and be sure to pause every now and then to inspect the area you’ve just treated. Don’t forget to check the information at https://www.bloomingair.com/blog/17-best-car-air-purifiers/.

Insider Tips

  • When you first start there’s a good deal of trial and error – so be patient and keep calm.
  • Always take care to move the compound around; spending too long in one area can heat up the paint and burn it, creating more damage.
  • Spraying water on the surface will cool the paint down and help to move the compound over the surface.
  • Lastly using ceramic paint protection sydney is the most durable car protection on the market.

Having a car or truck for racing or other matters involves safety hazards, there are many Truck Accidents involving speed, now there are more rules and safety tips to maintain a good racing sport and have the drivers safe in every moment visit The Millar Law Firm.

Best of luck this weekend Fred!


Roberts Racing / RPM Canada is a Toronto-based, Canadian racing team that competes in a number of GT road racing events throughout North America in a purpose-built World Challenge Dodge Viper Competition Coupe.

Hauler on the Road again

56 Hauler is on the road again heading down to Columbus Ohio Good Guys. As the name “Hauler” might hint, it is a car shipping company that uses a large semi to transport vehicles to shows. There’s a number of other uses we have for this vehicle, but that is its main one. We’ve had issues with it breaking down before which is to be expected. She’s well maintained, but still and old one. Whenever she breaks down on the side of the road we call the semi-truck towing services so we can get a quick replacement from used kenworth trucks for sale by owner. You have to include a wheel alignment and a car brake repair as well. For vehicles that see serious long-distance driving alignment is a larger factor, and it should be looked after carefully to prevent serious incidents. At the Utah auto repair you can find a wide range of automotive and tire services. Sometimes we’ll have them take her to the show, and sometimes back to the shop. It all depends on where she breaks down on the route. Either way, we never miss a show! Look for us there:

Goodguys 16th PPG Nationals

July 12-14, 2013
Ohio Expo Center
717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211

Well so far this year we have the 56 Hauler doing very well.  Good luck in Columbus Ron.

Good Guys 22nd East Coast Nationals

06/14/2013 – 06/16/2013

Ron wins Builder’s Choice Award, Award of Excellence!

F-100 Ford Supernationals, Tennessee

05/16/2013 – 05/18/2013

Ron wins Truck of the Year, Editor’s Choice Award, Best in Class, Outstanding Pickup Bed at the 2013, F-100 Ford Supernationals, Tennessee.


Megaspeed Car Show, Toronto

03/22/2013 – 03/24/2013

Ron wins Grand Champion at the at 2013, Megaspeed Car Show, Toronto. View gallery


Autorama Show, Detroit

03/08/2013 – 03/10/2013

Ron wins 1st place – Radical Truck, Best Truck, and Outstanding Individual Display at the 2013, Autorama Show, Detroit. View gallery


Car Show’s 2013

Jan 20 Blog ,

Happy New Year to everyone it should be a great 2013! Its going to be a very busy year this year at Boot Hill Auto. Starting off with the First ever Hot Rod Builders Show Case at the 2013 Canadian International AutoShow and the luxury car hire Melbourne opportunity.


1968 Rpo Touring Opening night

This year marks the unveiling of the Hot Rod Builders Showcase! After four decades, the AutoShow has solidified a prominent place in Canadian history. Some of the cars here at the show are actually fully available for purchase by their auto dealer right here on the grounds! We’ve got reps from Street Bobs showing off some of their catalog for those looking. It’s going to be fun talking to the attendees about what vehicles they might have bought or they might have their eye on.

The car dealership was nice enough to bring in all sorts of classic vehicles, some really unique ones as well. We found some highly professional car towing services that were able to bring the vehicles in to the show intact. Thanks to them we were able to bring in these classics for display. Most of those were not for sale. The vehicles that you could purchase were a bit less historic, I guess you could say, but they were awesome and state of the art just the same. There was a harley davidson motorcycle for sale at the show and let me tell you, those harley davidson motorcycles were a work of art. Along with it, they provided various forms of motorcycle insurance, which meant you could even drive it home from the show and be covered right away from any accidents. It would still be wise to get a motorcycle accident lawyer if you are involved in one of course, to be safe. A good return on investment as well, as they are not just for show or a status symbol, they’re built to last and withstand. Even given that however, you would want to be insured to be safe.

This time, after a lot of hard work, we were able to pull it off. It’s bigger. It’s better. Come celebrate…

One of the attraction of the show was the best radar detectors by escort which everyone did like so much. It will be quite the show. Last year we had a Customer Car Don Lebouf come in 2nd place with the Cruise National Competition with his 1970 Plum Crazy Charger .So make sure you take some time For both these display’s This Year. Here is a little Sneak Peak, we will be introducing a car leasing program this year, our clients have been looking forward this day forever. We will take pride on letting our clients know about the importance of their regular car maintenance.

Image result for car maintenance

Busy in the Shop and getting this Deline’s meet for all the Up coming Show’s  including many parts for sale like engines, for replacing an old engine, and products by Car Sales Toowoomba auctions with many antiques and great collectives like gas pumps, all renovated for the auction in perfect state, if you need replacement parts  buy Euro auto parts from German manufacturers. One of our Mercedes cars got the Mercedes repair Atlanta and it came out amazing! Down to Autorama Cobo Hall for the Ridller Challenge March 7 , Then Back Home for Mega Speed Car show in Toronto March 23 . And the list goes on ….. See you at a Show Near you look for the Boot Hill Auto Swag !