Spring has Sprung “Backwards “

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Congratulation’s to Grand Champion 2015 Eric Boily’s 71 El Camino …

Car look fantastic last week at Motorama 2015 and came up with Big Win March 15.

Boot Hill Auto contributed a lot to the Winning El Camino:

Fabrication: Custom Dash, Center Console.

Custom Audio : Design and Build all the custom Audio and enclosure’s for the car .

Custom Rear panel to match the Double bump intake of the engine straight from pick up unwanted cars shop.

Interior : We Won Best Interior in the show

Custom built doors kick panels leather wrapped centre console , Custom Carpets, Seat Belts everything looked fantastic.

April 15 and yes we have snow on the ground . Summer will get here when she is ready. More time to fine tune those cars. You might want to take advantage of the fact the hot summer months are not here yet and bring us your vehicle. We can perform auto a/c repair so that it will be up and running and you’ll be ready to beat the heat. If anything every year we get worse and worse summers, and we get a lot of people that bring their car in requesting we fix their a/c. Again, my advice is you cut in line and get this done now. Much better than waiting.

You can check in our website and also here, thanks the help of the professionals from bestwebsitehosting.ca a couple of car video’s from last years Car show supporting ARC in Erin . I hope they help warm you up .