Charity Car Show Boot Hill Auto 2014

Thanks to Harvey and Mike for the Great pictures of the show of used cars last Saturday. As you can tell from the image gallery we had a lot of people in attendance to the used cars show, as well as several different companies that offered new vehicles for sale. Some people were actually looking closely at buying one of the used vehicles vehicles on display right there at the show! And trucks as well! It seemed some of the car dealer companies in attendance had some pretty sweet deals, like the midwest truck trailer dealership. Looks like they were looking to try to convince people right then and there. I can’t say I blame them, it was the right time and place, and just the right people too. There were plenty of truck parts available from great and reputable distributors as well. The show was very well put together, with acrylic printing signs labeling the vehicles and areas around the show. Everything looked nice and official, there were plenty of things to look at, and as far as I can tell everyone had a great time.

I was wondering how they hauled so many vehicles and hardware over here, and as it turns out I was able to ask one of the guys in charge. He told me they usually relied on third party services for heavy hauls like this one, and this time they had worked with heavy duty towing pleasant. I made a note of it, as I might need their services at well at some point down the line. They used Eco Auto Wash to make sure the vehicles were all sparkling clean at the show, and it showed. They were all pristine. All in all, a great success. You come in, you look at some cars, maybe see one you like, you score a sweet deal. What’s not to like?