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Happy New Year to everyone it should be a great 2013! Its going to be a very busy year this year at Boot Hill Auto. Starting off with the First ever Hot Rod Builders Show Case at the 2013 Canadian International AutoShow and the luxury car hire Melbourne opportunity.

1968 Rpo Touring Opening night

This year marks the unveiling of the Hot Rod Builders Showcase! After four decades, the AutoShow has solidified a prominent place in Canadian history. Some of the cars here at the show are actually fully available for purchase by their auto dealer right here on the grounds! It’s going to be fun talking to the attendees about what vehicles they might have bought or they might have their eye on.

The car dealership was nice enough to bring in all sorts of classic vehicles, some really unique ones as well. We found some highly professional car towing services that were able to bring the vehicles in to the show intact. Thanks to them we were able to bring in these classics for display. Most of those were not for sale. The vehicles that you could purchase were a bit less historic, I guess you could say, but they were awesome and state of the art just the same. There was a harley davidson motorcycle for sale at the show and let me tell you, those harley davidson motorcycles were a work of art. Along with it, they provided various forms of motorcycle insurance, which meant you could even drive it home from the show. A good return on investment as well, as they are not just for show or a status symbol, they’re built to last and withstand. Even given that however, you would want to be insured to be safe.

This time, after a lot of hard work, we were able to pull it off. It’s bigger. It’s better. Come celebrate…

We are very honoured to have beed Choice as on of the top 25 Builders in Canada and been asked to dispay 2 of our Creation’s. One of the attraction of the show was the best radar detectors by escort which everyone did like so much. It will be quite the show. Last year we had a Customer Car Don Lebouf come in 2nd place with the Cruise National Competition with his 1970 Plum Crazy Charger .So make sure you take some time For both these display’s This Year. Here is a little Sneak Peak, we will be introducing a car leasing program this year, our clients have been looking forward this day forever. We will take pride on letting our clients know about the importance of their regular car maintenance.

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Busy in the Shop and getting this Deline’s meet for all the Up coming Show’s  including many parts for sale like engines, for replacing an old engine, and products by Car Sales Toowoomba auctions with many antiques and great collectives like gas pumps, all renovated for the auction in perfect state, if you need replacement parts  buy Euro auto parts from German manufacturers. One of our Mercedes cars got the Mercedes repair Atlanta and it came out amazing! Down to Autorama Cobo Hall for the Ridller Challenge March 7 , Then Back Home for Mega Speed Car show in Toronto March 23 . And the list goes on ….. See you at a Show Near you look for the Boot Hill Auto Swag !

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