Super Charged TR6 Really ??

Super Charged TR6 Really!!

What is that you say ??? Yes we are building a very cool project for customer. A 1976 Triumph TR6 .
Going with the Ferrari Red  “Rosso Chiaro” (BASF # 20R190 ) paint Scheme this little red Rocket is going to Fly.

Full frame off restoration “Boot Hill Style ” includes all upgraded suspension components brakes and brake lines , fuel lines etc. Engine back from rebuilder will be matched up with a Supper Charger that will boost the Stock horsepower another 50 % yes I said 50% .
Lots of giddy up right out of the hole !!

Not everyone is a fan of the TR6 but ounce you see this baby on the road you may change your mind.
IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1856IMG_1861

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