We are only restoration shop to have 2 large drive in Blasting area’s, Plastic Media booth and Aluminum Oxide booth.

Today, the average vehicle is made up of more types of substrates than ever seen before, including: steel, aluminum, plastics, composites and fiberglass. This makes the removal of coatings from any type of vehicle very difficult. In addition, paint systems are more complex than ever before. EPA regulations have stimulated a new breed of coatings for painters to learn to use. All of these new coatings, as well as the ones currently being used, behave questionably when applied over existing paint.

Paint manufacturers offer performance statements that read, "when applied over a properly prepared surface...". The method of choice for creating this surface is Plastic Media Blasting. It is the recommended method for stripping all Ford and General Motors vehicles.

Plastic Media Blasting is a process for the rapid, economic and safe removal of coatings from almost any surface without the use of toxic chemical strippers, sandblasting, or hand or mechanical abrasion methods. The process is similar in principle to sandblasting. However, instead of using hard silica sand, much softer reusable plastic particles are used at low blasting pressures of 14-40 psi. At these pressures, the plastic media is able to remove coatings without causing damage to the underlying substrates including aluminum, fiberglass, and even plastics.

Aluminum Oxide is great for taking all the rust of the old frames. Oxide is much more abrasive and well suited for cutting through and removing the hard rust you usually find on exposed chassis components.

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